Ha tran

My child is becoming more confident with his knowledge of maths

Ha Tran

Parent, Year 2

Time Spent: 16 Hours

Problems Answered: 4,064

Earned Coins: 3,063

My child and I found SplashLearn when we were searching for an advanced program of maths to engage with, instead of doing boring and unnecessarily complicated maths homework in our country - a developing one in the Southeast Asia.
Since we found SplashLearn, my child has been always excited over all things provided by the website.
How often do you use SplashLearn for your kids? What do your kids love most about SplashLearn?
My child practises with SplashLearn every day and over the weekend. He only temporarily stops when his health does not allow him to continue studying. The part he loves the most about SplashLearn is its simplicity and efficiency.
What were you using before starting with SplashLearn?
Before starting with SplashLearn, we were only focusing on solving complicated maths questions given by my child teachers as I mentioned before.
How do you see SplashLearn fitting together with other learning methods?
I don't have many chances to compare SplashLearn with other programs but I've learned that SplashLearn provide all basic topics for a child who needs to know all about maths.
Did you see improvement in scores for your kids after using SplashLearn?
Yes, of course. Since SplashLearn provide various topics presenting nature of maths in the simplest way, my child is becoming more confident with his knowledge of maths. He is no longer afraid of maths. Last year, he attended a maths competition at District level and he won. It's beyond our expectation given the fact that he hates maths after the first day he was introduced to it. And now, even he is a 2nd year student, he is confident to practise with 3rd year maths topics without any troubles.
What is your advice for other parents just getting started with using SplashLearn?
My advice is that: Try to encourage your child practise every day for at least 20 minutes with SplashLearn