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What Will You Get in SplashLearn Classroom Select?

Access to all grade levels from Kindergarten through 5

After I am done teaching, I ask the students to practice on SplashLearn on their iPads. SplashLearn time is already translating to better scores in standardized tests.
- Year 1 Maths Teacher
Curriculum aligned content

Fun Games Lead to engage students like never before

The children are super excited to build their aquarium! We use it as practice 10 minutes before lunch every day (or when children finish their work early).
- Year 2 Maths Teacher
progress reports

Insightful reports that let you watch your students get better at Maths!

The Classroom Select teacher dashboards will help you monitor progress in real time — down to each Learning Objective. Find trouble spots for the class and take immediate action!
progress reports

Diagnostic tool to assess learning gaps and personalize learning paths

Use Assessments to continuously evaluate learning levels throughout the year and ensure corrective steps
assessment reports

Freedom to let students learn at their own pace

It’s engaging, provides automatic feedback, and allows them to try again.
- Year 3 Maths Teacher
self paced program

Engaged learning beyond the classroom with Parents

Are your students not getting enough maths practice in class? Use SplashLearn to assign homework (all Curriculum based). Kids can use SplashLearn on a tablet or computer at home.
parent involvement

Maths practice on all devices

Use SplashLearn on an iPad (one-on-one or shared) or on a computer/laptop and become the super teacher you were meant to be!
available on all devices

Trusted by Over 40 Million Families and Already Used in Over 77,000 Schools

  • Transforming students from tentative to confident

    My students just love SplashLearn! It's fun and exciting to do maths on it, and where earlier it would be difficult for them to sit through a few minutes of maths practice, now they were happy to work an hour or more. They like the characters, the way problems are presented, the reward system - just the entire experience. Read More

    - Joan Biese, 2nd Grade Teacher

  • When doing maths is reward in itself

    There has been immense maths learning because of SplashLearn, and great mastery of year-level maths skills across the board! SplashLearn Program will be an essential and core part of my class every school year going forward. Read More

    - Tiffany Taylor, 3rd Grade Teacher

  • Charter school classes adopt SplashLearn for Individualized Learning

    We needed a digital maths program that was accessible anywhere, across devices, and supported our fundamental requirement for individualized learning. Our three key needs - differentiation, personalization, and motivation - were all met by SplashLearn. Read More

    - Jamie Wolfe, Lead Elementary Teacher

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