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SplashLearn - All Grades App

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Instead of a single grade, kids can now access to practice content for all Grades 1 to 5. This benefits all learners- the kid who has completed his/her grade level, can now go beyond and practice the next grade level; and the kid who needs revision of previous grade skills, can go back and strengthen them. Splash Math adapts to the kid's level and ensures mastery of all grade level math skills. This App comes with cross-platform accessibility; kids can access Splash Math through the desktop or iPad using the same log in.This app has another brilliant feature of insightful performance reports in graphical dashboard enabling parents to know the trouble spots and strengths of their kids while they practice.

SplashLearn - Kindergarten Math App

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Splash Math Kindergarten app invites your kids to the fun world of animals. Loaded with HD graphics and entertaining sounds, kids learn math concepts in a jungle full of things to count. This app encourages young minds to think and create basic math learning

SplashLearn - Grade 1 Math App

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While kids dive into developing deeper math skills in this grade, Splash Math - Grade 1 app helps them gain a mastery over 15 key math skills. Kids answer set of problems organized around simply fascinating underwater theme

SplashLearn - Grade 2 Math App

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As 2nd grade kids begin to learn concepts which lay foundation for math in later years, this app is everything he needs. It covers complete grade 2 curriculum with 13 chapters. It comes with a virtual aquarium where the kid can earn fishes and play mini-games. This math app turns your iPad or iPhone into playful world of learning.

SplashLearn - Grade 3 Math App

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Get your children ready for a fun-filled ride through the third grade math curriculum. Children collect super-splashies and accolades from the super-crab as they breeze through 16 topics in the grade 3 curriculum. After completing this app, children are sure to ace any standardized exam.

SplashLearn - Grade 4 Math App

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4th graders are encouraged to be independent in their learning and revising work themselves. Hence, Splash Math Grade 4 App proves to be a must for this grade. 140+ adaptive worksheets with infinite problems spread across 10 chapters in “Space themed” background makes this cool app appeal to kids in grade 4

SplashLearn - Grade 5 Math App

Thumb fifth grade math app
Fifth graders build on what they learn in 4th grade reasoning in deeper ways. Splash Math for Grade 5 encourages them to be more independent in their learning and require less guidance and support from adults and teachers. 9 chapters covering complex computation with larger numbers, fractions, decimals and multiplication make Splash Math Grade 5 a must for all fifth graders.