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Divide 4 Digit by 2 Digit Numbers with Remainder

- Year 5 Maths

Fifth graders have so far practiced division of 4-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers wherein the division leaves no remainder. In this fun division game, children practice scenarios where the division leaves a non-zero remainder. Children apply estimation strategies to guess the nearest multiple and get comfortable with bigger numbers.

What’s inside?

Begin with estimating quotients.

- Practice the division algorithm by filling in the missing steps

- Compute the remainder

- Compute the dividend given the remainder and divisor. 

Real-World Application

After a vacation, it is usual for people to take stock of expenses incurred during the vacation. Say a person spends $1062, excluding airfare, for a 13-day Europe trip. To calculate per day expense, one must divide the total amount by the number of days. This is one of the many instances when we divide a 4-digit number by a 2-digit number.

What’s next?

Having learned division of 4-digit numbers, children can apply this understanding to work with even bigger numbers. The comfort acquired in this skill prepares them for more complex division problems in higher grades.