Why parents choose SplashLearn for their kindergarteners?

  • Personalised Learning

    Intelligently adapts to the way each child learns

  • Fun Rewards

    Get coins for each correct answer and redeem coins for virtual pets

  • Actionable Reports

    Monitor progress with iPhone app, weekly emails and detailed dashboards

Kindergarten Maths Curriculum

What do parents say about us?

Learning is so much easier with SplashLearn!

As you can see, she's really into it and she told me many times that learning maths is so much easier with this SplashLearn. She's having fun playing as well as learning maths.

- Glenndel Prochnow

Math is now fun for my child!

I just want to say that we bought SplashLearn Kindergarten and my daughter absolutely loves it! She wants to keep going and going when she plays it. I love the dancing animals too :-).

- Stacie Lewin