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Identify Types of Triangles

- Year 4 Maths

Fourth graders have so far learned the basics of geometry - lines, rays, line segments and types of angles. It is time to explore the different types of triangles. To help children understand the types well, this fun and interactive triangle game does much more than your plain, old worksheets, presenting triangles in different orientations, sizes and colors.

What’s inside?

- Start with identifying the correct type (or name) of triangle based on sides and angles.

- Identify the correct figure of the given triangle type.

Real-World Application

Triangles are all around us. Take a look at your rooftops, the massive bridges or the billiard ball rack. Triangles and their properties see wide application in various fields such as STEM, art and design.

What’s next?

After learning to identify triangles, fourth graders now move on to learning about parallel and perpendicular lines and classification of figures based on parallel sides.

Cool Fact

Do you know that the triangle is the strongest shape? Any force applied on a triangle is evenly spread across its three sides, making triangular structures inherently rigid. That is why you see triangles all around you - from pyramids to cranes to bridges.