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Measure Angles

- Year 4 Maths

Children cover a lot of ground in measurements in the fourth grade. They have so far learned about metric and customary units, area and perimeter. It is time, now, to learn to measure angles. This fun measuring angles worksheet starts with simpler angles – multiples of 90 as a fraction of 360 degrees – and then proceeds to intermediate values.

What’s inside?

- Identify the measure of angles such as 0, 90, 180, 270 and 360 in degrees.

- Represent the measure of a given angle as a fraction of 360 degrees.

- Use a protractor to measure angles.

Real-World Application

Angles are all around us - right from the angle between the hour and minute hand of clock to the angle between the slants of your roof. The construction industry is a good example of angles determining the strength and stability of a structure.  

What’s next?

Now that children are comfortable with finding angle measures, they can move on to creating angles on their own, basis a given measure.

Cool Fact

The Egyptian Groma was the first known instrument used to measure right angles. It consisted of four stones hanging by cords from sticks set at right angles. It was used for the construction of massive works such as the pyramids.