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Multiply 2 Digit by 2 Digit (Numbers up to 40)

- Year 4 Maths

So far, Grade 4 children have learned to multiply numbers up to 4 digits with a 1-digit number. It is time to introduce them to the multiplication of two 2-digit numbers. This immersive game builds on their understanding of utilizing the area models to carry out multiplication of double digit numbers.

What’s inside?

- Begin by using the distributive property of multiplication to break down the multiplication process.

- Work with area models (the box method) to better understand how the standard algorithm of multiplication works.

Real-World Application

Teachers calculate the number of sheets to be copied if they want to distribute, say, 15 worksheets each to all 26 of their students. Or, when planning a birthday party, parents and children want to find out the total amount they’d spend on a guest list of 18 when the per head cost is $12. All such instances require the multiplication of two 2-digit numbers and it helps to master this skill to be able to make such simple decisions with ease.

What’s next?

In this game, children work with 2-digit numbers up to 40. They are now set to carry out multiplication operations with bigger numbers - up to 70 and 100 - using the same techniques they learned here.

Cool Fact

Here’s a cool way to quickly multiply any two 2-digit number with 11 – just add the digits of the two digit number and place the sum bang in the middle of these digits. Take a look: 23 x 11 = 253. For numbers where the sum adds to more than 9, just carry the 1 to the first digit.