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Multiply 4 Digit by 1 Digit (Numbers up to 10000)

- Year 4 Maths

Multiply 4 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. In 4 Digit x 1 Digit (Numbers up to 10,000) Worksheet, students make use of area models to multiply numbers. Area models are essentially visual representation of the distributive property of multiplication. For example, 8761 x 3 can be multiplied as (8000 x 3) + (700 x 3) + (60 x 3) + (1 x 3). Fluency with place value (expanded forms), distributive property of multiplication and multiplying multiples of 10 will be of great help here. This method of multiplying should act as a precursor to the standard algorithm. It is important for the students to understand how a particular method works. The 3-digit numbers in this worksheet are restricted to those between 7000 and 10000.