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Add Decimals Using Models

- Year 5 Maths

With children having developed a fair understanding of decimals, it is time to ramp things up. This fun decimal addition worksheet introduces them to the world of operations with decimal numbers. Fifth graders use models to visualize the addition of numbers in the tenths and hundredths places values.

What’s inside?

- Use visual models to add decimals.

- Estimate the sum by applying the skill of rounding decimals.

- Add decimals without the help of visual models.

Real-World Application

If you are going hiking with your gang, you’ll want to know the distance from your start point to the first pit stop and so on. Such distances are usually expressed as decimals up to at least one or two decimal places. You may also want to add these decimal numbers to compute the total distance you have to walk in order to estimate the supplies you will require.

What’s next?

Subtraction of decimals is the next associated skill that fifth graders can master after having learned decimal addition.