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Add Mixed Fractions

- Year 5 Maths

Having learned to add fractions with unlike denominators, fifth graders can now learn to work with mixed fractions through this interactive worksheet. Children can make use of properties of operations and equivalence of fractions to convert mixed numbers to fractions with like denominators.

What’s inside?

- Add mixed fractions through estimation, understanding the relative magnitude of the fractions.

- Fill in the intermediate steps in an addition problem for comprehensive understanding.

- Finally, practice addition of mixed fractions in various fun formats.

Real-World Application

Whether we are adding ingredients for our next batch of cupcakes or money in different denominations, we are essentially adding mixed fractions. The ability to visualize mixed numbers as that - a mix of whole numbers and fractions - helps us work with them efficiently.  

What’s next?

The next step after learning to add mixed fractions is subtracting mixed fractions. Children can apply their understanding of mixed fractions to easily subtract them.