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Multiply Mixed Fractions

- Year 5 Maths

Taking their understanding of multiplying fractions further, fifth graders are ready to multiply mixed numbers. This fun multiplying mixed fractions game goes a step ahead of your regular worksheets. Children begin by estimating the product of two mixed numbers. They then multiply mixed numbers by converting them to fractions.

What’s inside?

- Estimate the product of two mixed numbers.

- Convert mixed numbers to improper fractions and then multiply the two.

Real-World Application

We come across multiplication of mixed numbers ever so often. When preparing a liter of mango smoothie, say we need 2¾ cups of mango juice. To prepare 2½ liters of mango smoothie, we’ll need 2½ × 2¾ cups of mango smoothie.

What’s next?

Now that fifth graders are comfortable with multiplying fractions, they can proceed to dividing fractions by a whole number and dividing whole by a unit fraction.