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Subtract Mixed Fractions

- Year 5 Maths

Having learned addition of mixed fractions, fifth graders are now ready to subtract mixed fractions. This fun mixed numbers game, doubling up as an interactive worksheet, makes use of children’s prior understanding of fractions with unlike (different) denominators to familiarize them with addition of mixed fractions.

What’s inside?

- Begin by subtracting mixed fractions through estimation, understanding the relative magnitude of the fractions.

- Fill in the intermediate steps in a subtraction problem for comprehensive understanding.

- Finally practice subtraction of mixed fractions in various fun formats.

Real-World Application

We work with mixed fractions more often than we realize. Imagine meal prepping for the week. Now, say, you need 2½ pounds of tomatoes to last you the entire week and you already have ½ a pound in your fridge. How much more do you need to buy from the supermarket? Yes, you need to subtract mixed fractions to figure out your answer.

What’s next?

Now that fifth graders are comfortable with adding and subtracting mixed fractions, they can proceed to learn multiplication and division of fractions.

Cool Fact

Do you know why a mixed fraction (for example, 4¾) is called so? Well, it is because a mixed fraction is a “mix” (a combination) of a whole number (4) and a fraction (¾). Mixed fractions are also called “mixed numbers”.